NWTF  Chapter Knife
Damascus Coat Hook
for Cubicles or wall
mount. Custom
orders welcomed!
$20 each
Available Knives
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This is a 2 1/2" drop point skinner. The blade is hand forged 1084 high carbon steel differentially heat treated and has
a slight temper line visible. The blade is finished to 600 grit and polished with a preservative wax to slow the aging
process. The guard is 1/4" nickel silver hand shaped from bar stock. The handle is  mortised African Sumac from
Arizona. The dramatic figure and pink on the side was inside the piece of wood, it is "book matched" but does not
seem so because of the changes in the colors. The sheath is my standard 9 oz. American cowhide that was dyed,
sewn and stamped by me.  
This is a 9" Camp Knife. The blade is 9" x 2" differentially heat treated 5160 high carbon steel. This is one of a very few
full tang knives I have done. This blade was forged at a demonstration I did for the 2009 National Hunting & Fishing
Day on Ft Wood. The bolsters and Corby rivets are nickel silver. The bolsters are made from1/4" bar stock. The tapered
tang was forged to shape. The handle material is American Elm that I harvested from a storm damaged tree in my
yard. This knife should handle most of your camp site needs.  The sheath is one of my standard 9 oz. American
cowhide just blown up to fit this very substantial package. It was dyed  and sewn by me.  
Five hunter/skinner knives with different handle materials. Two on left have
flaming Box Elder, center is Bocote, first right is curly Maple, far right Purple
Heart. I forged this batch one 100 degree plus weekend in my shop. 1084
high carbon, differentially heat treated blades. 9 oz. American cowhide
sheaths handcrafted by  me as well. All have my MJ Mette mark engraved on
the ricasso.
Bocote upswept Skinner. 3"x 1 1/8" blade, 1/2" ricasso. Mortised 4 1/2"
Bocote handle, brass guard. 8" OAL. Blade has lots of belly to make
skinning easier. A super affordable working knife you can pass down to
your family.
Flaming Box Elder Straight backed Ulitity/Hunter. 4"x 11/8" blade. Mortised 5"
Box Elder handle with great character. Brass guard. 9" OAL. Would make a
good EDC knife for anyone that works or lives outdoors. A super affordable
knife that would make a great gift for anyone.  
Purple Heart Straight backed Roachbelly Skinner. 3"x 11/8" blade. Mortised 4 5/8" Purple Heart
handle that feels great in hand. 8 3/8" OAL. Stainless steel oval guard. Would make a great
skinner. Sheath is tooled with celtic knot border.  A super affordable knife that would make a
great gift for yourself or a loved one and they can pass it down.
Flaming Box Elder upswept Skinner. 3 3/8" x 11/8" blade. Mortised 4 5/8"
flaming Box Elder handle with great figuring  and a couple of worm holes.
Brass oval guard. 8 5/8" OAL. A comfortably designed skinner that just flows
as it works. A super affordable knife you can use and pass down to your kids.
Curly Maple Clip Point Hunter.  3 1/2" x 1 1/8" blade. Highly figured curly Maple
mortised 5" handle, naturally finished with Linseed Oil and no stain.Stainless
steel oval guard.9" OAL. This would be a great hunting or EDC knife for an
outdoor worker. Classic lines and materials make this a super affordable gift
for a lifetime of use.