Services We Provide
All Red Oak Forge knives go into the shipping package shaving sharp. My left arm stays pretty
bare when I am finishing knives. I do shave my arm with every knife I make and sharpen so I
know they will indeed shave. I also test them on paper and when it is slicing paper as easily as
a ripe tomato, it is sharp.

I am currently offering a free sharpening service on all Red Oak Forge knives. IF you do not
know how to sharpen a knife and need one you bought from me sharpened send it back with
return shipping funds so I can send it back to you and I will gladly make it shave again.
I will make a totally custom knife for you if you have a design idea for something as long as it
doesn't involve casting at this time.  If you have a special handle material like a deer antler that
you harvested, I have done that and the picture of that knife is in the left margin on this page.  
Check out the custom knives section in the gallery part of the store and I will work with you.
Consulting time is included in the price.
I can also make swords, and made one for a wedding present to a family member. They were
later offered $4000 for it.
Custom Mountain
man  3 inch Patch
knife (Sold)
Custom Sitka Deer
antler 3.5 inch  Drop
Point Skinner (Sold)
I also offer custom engraving on any knife you want made. I cannot engrave a knife that is already
done due to the heat treating process making the blade too hard to engrave. I can engrave
guards on completed knives if you want something done on them.  I can duplicate any blade I
have on here for sale and engrave it for a reasonable increase in price. If an intricate pattern is
required, please keep in mind that my labor fee is $25 per hour.