About Our Business
My name is Michael Mette. I grew up in the outdoors using knives for skinning animals I caught
while  trapping to make money as a teen, hunting for food, fishing, frogging in our farm ponds to
help fill the table growing up with 8 siblings.  I am a retired, disabled Soldier. I am also a Desert
Shield, Desert Storm combat veteran serving as a heavy equipment operator. I was a tank
crewman, general/ heavy construction equipment operator and an administrative specialist  
during my career in the Army. I have used knives doing all matter of hard jobs, some are better
left unsaid.  I still work for the Army taking care of Soldiers, which I have always loved to do.

I started making knives by the stock removal process in 2003. I made two knives this way and
thought that there was probably a different way besides grinding them and eating a lot of metal
dust.  I bought Tim Lively's Knifemaking Unplugged video, I was hooked after I got my anvil and
pan forge and made a batch of charcoal in my back yard. I had no shop so I forged outside
under a tree in my yard.  I was a new widower so had no spouse to be mad at me about the
noise. In the  video, Tim mentioned the American Bladesmith Society so I checked it out online
and bought two of Mr Bill Moran's videos and learned some more. My first knives were pretty
simple and crude, but they really cut. After a few more knives made this way, I decided to go to
the ABS school and take the Introduction to Bladesmithing  course with Bert Gaston and Greg
Neely. They were great instructors and as Greg forged the first blade I had a few "aha"
moments thinking about how I had been doing things and why my choils looked like they did up
to that point.

The idea for Mette Enterprises, LLC came from  my  Graduate school Strategic Marketing  
project in 2005,( I got an A).  This website is the culmination of the project to get my product to
the public in a cost effective manner.  You will buy something here that will last and be able to
be enjoyed by your children and hopefully theirs if the knife is taken care of as good tools
should be.

I joined the American Bladesmith Society in April 2006 after I attended the Introduction to
Bladesmithing course at the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing, the only accredited
Bladesmithing school in the world,  and in April 2007 I attended  the Handles and Guards class
taught by Jim Walker.  I hope to attend at least one ABS course this year. I attended two
engraving courses at Glendo Corporations' engraving school  in Emporia, KS  in June, July
2009 and learned engraving of knives and anything else metal. Both of my classes were taught
by Steve Dunn, an ABS Master smith and one of the few that engraves his own knives and other
things as well.

I strive to continue to learn new things or better ways of doing things to bring the best knife I can
to my customers at the most affordable price I can.  This is a business and I do have to cover
my time and expenses. Frankly, if you want cheap, go to a box store and get  a handful of
something made by slave labor in a third world country, as you will need more than one to get
most real jobs done. If you want a traditional American made high quality  tool, I will be happy to
make you a fully custom piece or you can choose one of my available products. If you do your
part and take care of it, you will be able to hand it down to your children and maybe theirs too, if I
did my part.   

I am going to do something that is rare in business today, I am going to stand behind my
product!  I believe in my products strongly enough to continue to offer the same guarantee that I
have on my eBay store.   If you break a knife during normal use, which does not include using it
as a pry bar, wire cutter, banding cutter, spear, throwing it. I will replace it if you send me a letter
with the knife telling me how you did break it so I can adjust my heat treating process.  If the
knife is a combat knife,or fighter,  it should hold up to all of the above excluded activities of my
normal hunting, utility knives. If you break one in a combat environment, please send me a
letter and the knife and I will replace it as well. I want to know what my products are capable of.
I do test them to American Bladesmith Society performance standards periodically to ensure
that my heat treating is acceptable for at least those standards. I do exceed them a little
because when I do the 2 x 4 chopping test in my shop, I use a piece of 75+ year old white oak
from a barn I tore down which is much harder than pine.  
About Us
Custom Sheath made
for a friend. His Dad
made the knife as his
Army retirement
12 inch Bowie with
Missouri Walnut
handle, Nickel fittings
and 9 oz. Sheath. Sold