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This is the area designated for my blacksmith type items like coat hooks and bbq forks and similar
items made at my forge. Enjoy and buy as much as you can. I will make more!
BBQ  or Campfire Cooking Fork. Made from 18 inches of  5/8" mild steel round stock. Finished
length after forging and twisting is 22 inches. Weighs 1 lbs 8.4 oz. These are substantially stout
forks and we use one at the house when we smoke racks of ribs, large roasts and grill whatever
meat we cook outside. I made a pair of these for my friend Dan, he used them to move a 100lbs.
+ hog and didn't bend them. They will hold up to hard use!!!!  $40.00
BBQ or Campfire Cooking Fork. Made from 18 inches of 5/8" mild steel round stock. Finished
length after forging and twisting is 22.5 inches. Weighs 1lbs 8.2oz. Similar to the one I use to cook
and smoke meat outdoors. Made for hard use!!!! The rust has been removed from these since the
pictures were taken. They should be coated with olive oil to keep them from rusting. $40.00
Dinner Bell and Ringer. Made from 5/8" mild steel round stock for the bell and
the ringer is made from some 3/8" round stock. Call the family together for
meals or use it for a warning signal, or just hang it on the wall for a decoration.
Priced right at $25.00  One week wait time on this item.
Damascus steel coat or hat hook. Made for folks that work in cubicle farms to hang their coat,
hat or umbrella on and add a little class and character to the bland world of cubicles. They fit
over a standard cubicle wall without drilling or any modifications required to the wall. These
make nice gifts for the hard to buy for person and we all have at least one that needs one of
these in their lives. $25.00
If you wish to purchase an Item, please click on the buy it now button and it will take you to Paypal . If you do not have a Paypal
account, please use the form in the Contact Us tab at the top of the page and in the comments tell me which knife or item  you
would like to purchase and I will email you my mailing address for you to mail a money order or cashiers check. I do not accept
personal checks and discourage sending cash through the mail.