Gallery of Custom made Products
Damascus BroadSword-
Made for my niece Lisa's
wedding. Notice my girls
posing and behaving well
for once. This was a gift.
Another picture of the
sword with the 13th
century German
reproduction  wood
lined scabbard with
integral belt. I made
this from drawing in
an SCA booklet.
This was the first custom knife order I did. It was for a friend, Rich.  He brought me a Sitka deer antler
with an interesting story of it being the only surviving antler from the two bucks he shot on the hunting
trip he took to Alaska. I was honored for him to ask me to use such a special antler for a knife handle.
The blade shape he chose was a 3 1/2" drop point that I made from 1084. It has a 400 grit satin polish
and bras guard and a custom made sheath. The antler in the photos is the remainder of his special
This is a small drop point hunter/ patch knife that I made for my friend, Dan. He is in the local muzzle
loader group that owns property across the highway from my place. Dan picked this white tail antler from a
pretty nice stock of antler that I have on hand and it fit him perfectly. He has pretty big hands. He has been
pleased with the usability and design of this knife. It fits the period that they try to keep alive well.
I made this knife for a former Military Policeman friend of mine, Bob. This is called the BFK, for Bob's
Fighting Knife. If you thought it stood for  something else, well, OK....The blade is 14" x 2" wide and total
length is 21". The guard was made by me and is from a 1x 1/2" piece of brass bar stock about 3 inches
long. The handle is Missouri walnut. Just some of the 200+ board feet of it that I have in stock. It came with
a very nice 9 oz.  Leather sheath. Bob wanted a knife big enough to handle a grizzly bear or anything up to
that threat if he were to have lost his gun and had the need to survive an attack of whatever bad critter with
just a knife.
This was a custom cowboy Bowie knife I did for a promotional sponsorship of the local quarter horse club. I
sponsored a trophy class and in addition to the trophy, the class winner received this knife as well. It is a 6 "
Damascus blade with nickel guard and ferrule. The handle is Australian Lace wood. The pattern in the steel
matches the lace pattern in the handle well. The sheath is 9 oz. Leather that was stained to compliment the
handle color and has a barbed-wire stamped border since it fits the cowboy theme.
This is one of my most special custom orders. It was made for Andy Tumlinson as a present from his new wife
Stephanie on their wedding day. They are friends of mine in Texas and Stephanie worked with me on my current
day job. This is the first custom engraving order that I have had and also one of the fastest orders that I have
ever done. It only took me 5 very long days to complete. I forged  and annealed it the night before Thanksgiving,
polished it  and laid out the engraving on Thanksgiving, engraved it the day after. Heat treated, did final polishing
and made the guard and drilled the handle on Saturday. Glued it and made the sheath on Sunday.  I hope Andy
can use it well in the next 40 years or so and they can pass it on to their children. God Bless them both!
This is my gallery of custom ordered knives. I love to collaborate with a customer to ensure that
they get the knife they truly want. If you have an idea for a design and we can come up with a
drawing, I can probably forge it. All you have to do is contact me and we can work together to
make your knife of a lifetime a reality. The knives and sword in this section are all sold. I can
make another similar item if you desire. The billet for the sword was the only large billet like that
I had ever seen sold. The finished length on the blade is 36 inches.
Last year I was fortunate enough to become a Ducks Unlimited Corporate Sponsor. I made two knives for two
local chapters last year and again this year as well. This is the knife I made for the Lebanon, MO chapter
banquet for 2010. This knife is a 5 1/2" drop point blade of 1084 high carbon differentially heat treated steel with
nickel silver guard and a pretty highly figured Elm handle. With the engraving I did on the knife and the sheath
work I had 40 hours in this knife. The estimated value of my time in this knife is $800. It sold on the live auction
and raised a nice sum of money for the Ducks.  It's all about conserving the wetlands for the future!
I was asked by Mark Jackson of DU to make a knife for the Missouri State Convention and I graciously
accepted. These photos are of that effort. This knife is a 7 " clip point blade made of 1084 high carbon
differentially heat treated steel.  As a special native Missouri touch, I used beautiful yellow hued native Osage
Orange wood for the handle. It is a difficult wood to drill, shaping is pretty easy though. It has a Wood Duck on
one side and the state convention and date on the other.  The work on this knife and sheath with the
engraving  took me 40 hours and I estimate the value at $800. .
The knife was put in the silent auction and I ended up being the high bidder.  It's all about conserving the
wetlands for the future!
This is the knife I made for the Big Piney chapter of DU for their annual banquet auction. The blade is a 4" drop
point hunter made of 1084 high carbon steel that was differentially heat treated. The handle is some pretty nice
curly Maple. I finished it with 10 hand-rubbed coats of tung oil. The guard is nickel silver. The sheath is one of
my standard 9 oz. Leather sheaths that was hand sewn by me. The engraving on the one side is the chapter
name, state and the other is a Pintail duck. This knife, sheath and engraving took me about 30 hours and I
estimate the value at $600. It was sold on the live auction and the Ducks made a nice sum of money from it.  
It's all about conserving the wetlands for the future!
I also became a National Wild Turkey Federation sponsor this year. I proudly made the Clay Howlett chapter
this knife for their annual banquet auction. The clip point blade is 6" of differentially heat treated 1084 high
carbon steel. The guard is nickel silver and the handle is native Missouri Osage Orange. The engraving has the
NWTF logo, the chapter name and year on one side, a huge Gobbler on the other. The sheath is one of my
standard 9 oz. Leather sheaths custom fit to this knife and hand sewn by me. The total package took me 30
hours and I estimate this knife at $600. It was sold on the live auction at the banquet and made the Turkeys a
nice sum of money.  It's all about conserving the habitat for the Turkeys!
This is a custom patch knife made for a customer from Rim fire Central forum. He wanted a small
patch knife for use while shooting his muzzle loader. The blade is 2 3/4" x 1 1/4" of 1084 high carbon
steel that is differentially heat treated. The guard is brass and the handle is native Missouri Osage
Orange with a hand rubbed tung oil finish. The blade is finished to a 400 grit satin finish. The sheath
is made of 13 oz. American cowhide leather and decorated with black and silver rivets. Similar knives
will be $150.
This is my third year making a knife for the Lebanon Ducks Unlimited Chapter. The
handle is a mortised hidden tang made of Missouri Black Walnut. The guard is 1/2 "
thick brass stock shaped by me. The blade is 3 1/2"x 1 1/2" x 1/4" of differentially heat
treated 1084 high carbon steel. It sold with one of my standard designed sheaths and
made a nice sum of money for the chapter and the ducks. Preserving the wetlands is
what DU is all about.
This is the 2011 Big Piney Chapter Ducks Unlimited knife. The hidden tang is in a mortised handle of American Elm. The blade
is 5 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/4" of  differentially heat treated 1084 high carbon steel. The guard is Nickel Silver. The blade was engraved
with the chapter and year as was the knife above. The two pictures to the right are the handle after it was shaped and the rough
cut guard that had the slot milled out and the blade in my engraving vise. I thought I would show a couple of behind the scenes
shots for a change. I had 35 hours in each of these two knives. This one brought less than 1/3 its value but raised a little more
money for the Ducks and my chapter. I am now a committee member and enjoy helping out at the banquets and educating
folks on what DU does.
This is the 2011 Missouri State Convention Ducks Unlimited knife. It has a hidden tang in a mortised native Missouri curly
Maple handle. The wood was reclaimed from a 100+ year old barn I tore down. It was a rafter beam. The rest of the barn was
a mix of red and white Oak. The guard is 1/4"  Nickel Silver with a star burst engraved on each side and was shaped by me
out of bar stock. The up-swept clip point blade is a very functional design. My large skinner is the same size as this and is
great for big game. The blade is 6 "x 1 1/2"x 1/4" of differentially heat treated 1084 high carbon steel. The sheath is one of my
standard 13 ounce cowhide leather sheaths that I dyed medium brown and hand sewed. The total project was 40 hours, it
sold for about 40% of its value, but helped to make the state convention banquet a success and raise some more money for
the ducks.
This is the first Damascus knife I have forged in a while. It was made for the Ozark chapter of
Safari Club International banquet to raise money for the MSGT Evander Evans memorial
scholarship fund. This is a fitting knife since most of the hunts auctioned that night were for
Africa. I used African Sumac for the mortised handle on this hidden tang knife. The guard is
1/4" Nickel Silver shaped from bar stock by me. The blade is a Leopard pattern 185 layer 1095
and 15N20 Deer Mountain forge billet by Craig Barr that I forged into a 5 1/2" x 1 1/4"x 3/16"
blade. The sheath is one of my standard 13 ounce cowhide leather sheaths dyed a dark
brown. It was hand sewn by  me also. This project was 40 hours and sold on the auction for
about 25% of its value. The SCI folks did get the scholarship endowed and that was the
objective for the evening. I am happy I was asked to help.