Welcome to Mette Enterprises, LLC's website. The website has been up for a while and I hope
that you can come in get comfortable check out the products and services I have to offer. I picked
the name  Red Oak Forge because I love the beauty  and strength of the tree and the lumber
made from the Red Oak. I also make most of my charcoal from Red Oak as well.
I create sole authorship high carbon steel knives from 1084 or 5160 steel.  This means that I
make all of the parts of the knife from metal stock and blocks of wood or whatever the material
may be. I do not use any pre-made parts such as cast guards or spacers, I cut them all out of bar
stock and shape them myself.
All of the leather work is done by me and hand sewn with harness needles and harness quality
thread using at least 9 ounce American vegetable tanned cowhide. My  Damascus knives are
currently made  from Deer Mountain Forge billets that I bought  a few years ago. In the future, I will
make my own Damascus and I will be sure to let everyone know that the Damascus is mine
when it actually is made by me. I have attended two courses in engraving and have engraved
several  custom pieces for Ducks Unlimited chapters, the local National Wild Turkey Federation
chapter, Safari Club International local chapter and wedding presents.
Our products are great for the environment
We've been in business since 2006
email us if you have questions or want a
custom job that can include engraving if
Why make forged blades?
I spend a great deal of time and attention to detail forging all my blades as close to their final
shape as possible to minimize grinding.  All Red Oak Forge knife blades are finished to at least
400 grit satin finish. The Damascus blades are finished to 600 grit polish before they are
etched to ensure that they are smooth and will not hang up while cutting. Grinding marks cause
drag while cutting and make a knife feel dull when it isn't really. Everyone should own a Red
Oak Forge knife. Because as I have said and will always say,  "You really only need one good
knife!"  You might as well have a quality knife from Red Oak Forge knives.
I make and sell my own knives because I found that I couldn't get a  store bought knife that will
hold an edge so I decided to find out how to make them. I want to share my products with as
many people as I can. I also offer a sharpening service for my knives and any other knife
someone wants me to try to sharpen. Check the services tab for more information.
Red Oak Forge Knives
A good day's forging.
The beginning...
Finished product.
Ready to work.
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